Speaker recommendation for Home Theater

Ok.  I need some advice.  Here is some context:  I’ve been out of the HiFi game for over 10 years.  My last set of speakers were a Magnepan 5.1 setup with 1.6QR mains, CC3 center and surrounds and a REL B3 Sub.  These are starting to buzz due to old age and i figured I might just upgrade all around.    I do love the sound of the Maggies in a surround setup but could be up for a change.  Total budget would be about $15k (+/-) for a 5.1 setup.   I’d also be open to going 7.1.4 with some Atmos action down the road...  

I don’t do much 2 channel listening anymore - kids and forced-family-fun have ruled out time for me to sit anywhere for more than 30 seconds except when watching movies.  

What say you?  
I believe in keeping it simple:

First, get a Vizio 5.1 soundbar:


Then, get a single unbalanced interconnect to go from soundbar to TV:


Most importantly, make sure you get a good surge protector:


Voila! The perfect $25,000 system! Okay, it ends up over $30K, but you haven't lived until you've heard what a $20,000 RCA cable can do!

(jk, hope it works out well for you--interested in seeing what you end up with)
Thanks!  I have a Vizio soundbar hooked up to the TV in my kids playroom.  It works well and even matches the TV.  Connected together with a $5 toslink cable.  Voila... sound happens!
Working on it.  I received the repair kit from Magnepan a few weeks ago.  Just need to find the time to pull the socks off and get to work.  

Thanks much for all your help.  
On a final note.  I have to say that I really like the Nova500.  It’s surprisingly good for an all-in-one.  While it’s likely outgunned by Naim or SimAudio (insert your favorite gear carved out of billet aluminum), it’s like half (or more) the cost.  A great value, especially since there is the promise of a Wifi-HiFi card that supports streaming in a few months.  Oh... and the WAF is off the charts...  She didn’t even noticed it had entered the room... ha ha...