Speaker recommendation for BAT VK30 & VK200

I have a BAT vk200 amp & vk30 preamp. Any recommendations on speakers that are a good match with this equipment?
Do you want to change SL3?
In this price range I would suggest JM Lab Electra 921.1
I hope that'll fix your mids problem in previous post
Try the Audio Physic Virgos...
Marakanetz, before this evening, I was considering it, but after some tests this evening, I discovered I can get what I want out of the SL3's.

Heres the story, Original system was 2 Parasound SS amps and pre, in horizontal biamp, driving the SL3's. It was so bright, I just couldn't even listen to it, I mean bloody. I posted threads, and was recommended to change the pre. Bought another SS pre and guess what, same thing. Then was told by many, including several manufactures, to get a better quality SS amp and tube pre combo. Did that! picked up the bat gear vk200/vk30. Amazing difference, the Martin Logans went from one extreme to the complete opposite. However, a bit to warm and a little lacking in the mids. Thought maybe I was just not going to happy with ESL's no matter what. Then a friend said " did you try a SS pre with the new BAT amp"...uh no!, well I just did, borrowed a Pre, hooked up to the BAT amp and the logans started singing. The problem all along was those damm Parasound amps. Only costs me a zillion dollars and near divorce to figure it out.

So I guess this thread is over, unless anyone wants to comment. Does this kind of stuff happen to anyone else? Is it just me, or is this all just part of the learning process?
I believe that isn't only you that suffered to set up logans. That's why I do not like them. There were a number of threads kind of "i give up" (Check this out, another previous Parasound-Martin Logan problem). You want to continue to build real full range sound -- add Rel, Totem Lightning or Vandersteen 2WQ.