Speaker Recommendation for AR SP-3 pre w/ ML 332

Hello Audiogon, i havery had a few mid-fi systems and am now attempting to put together my first hi-fi system. So far I have aquired a AR SP-3 preamp and a Mark Levinson 332 (has been re-capped as of 2 years ago) amp. Wondering what you can suggest as to speakers? I am looking at a set of Martin Logan ReQuest speakers that come with a Logos Center for about 2200. Also available in my area (trying to keep my money going into speakers rather than shipping) are a pair of B&W xt-8's

Between my girl and I we listen to most everything except country and rap (though evendors there I have some fondness for the classics). She loves classic rock from the 605 through the 80s. Music sources will vary from computer to record player (she has a technics mk1200).

Room is about 20' x 15'
I didn't have a lot of time, so I had to act on the ML ReQuests. Ended up getting them and the Logos Center for 2k, but by what I have managed to dig up, it seems like these should work well with my space and setup.