speaker recommendation

I am assembling a system on a real tight budget for my medium sized living room- 2- channel-
I have a jolida hybrid(1701) and am about to buy a pioneer dvd-656
I'm looking for a floor standing speaker that will be a good match w/the Jolida at less that $400 the pair used-
I'll be grateful for any ideas-
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Look at PSB Image 4T or their alpha series tower. The Image is listed at 10-100w and 91 db sensitivity. $429 at yawaonline.com.
There are two sets of Apogee Centaur Minors for sale used here on audiogon tha would sound great with your hybrid Jolida, they are also hybrid's, Ribbons for mids and highs. I have a set and 50 watts is plenty of power in all but large rooms. One of the sets says mint in the add. $500, I did not see much else in a floor stander except some of the small magnapans but I'm not sure how much power they need as I have never listened to baby maggies.
I agree with the PSB's, but you might also look at some of the JM Lab Chorus monitors (around $350 new). I can't think of the model number right now, but they have a surprising bass for their size.

With Jolida amps, I've been pushing the Totem Arro's lately since I heard them and thought they sounded great for the money. If you can stretch a little more, the Arro's are available at around $700 used and offer an unbeatable soundstage.

Axiom floorstanders should be considered. Particularly since you can return them within 30 days.