Speaker Recommendation

Now have Vandersteen 2CE's, thinking about buying either Maggies or Hales Revelation, looking to spend about 1500 for used. Please give me your thoughts on these 3 speakers or any others you may recommend in this price range. Thank you for your reply and help. Rick
You should really try both. I have the smallest Maggies (MMG), and for $500 new factory direct, they're unbeatable by anything in the world (especially with MIT cabling, and a good amp). They need 250 hours to break in. Maggies don't "come alive" dynamically at low listening levels the way a good cone speaker does (and especially not like a big esl panel does). However, the Maggie 1.6's minimize this effect, but it's still there. BUT, if you listen very loud and have the watts, the Maggies are the way to go. My amp is 500 watts/channel into 4 ohms, and these tiny Maggies can drink all of it (even though they're only rated for 150 watts rms). You do need ASC Frecoes to damp the wall behind them, to get the most out of them. Right now, I'm in a small room full of ASC and Echobusters, and the miniscule Maggies simply WALLOP it with punchy music. Ideally, you can augment them with a very good subwoofer later, and then you really will wonder why anybody needs anything else. IF YOU'RE IN A BIG ROOM, you'll need cone speakers, or very big Maggies. I use Paragon Radiants in my 4200 cubic foot concrete room, and they're great. try to find some used, for about $1500. They use Dynaudio drivers, and are better than some of the Hales models, IMHO.
Between Maggies and the Hales, I would pick the Hales. It all depends on what you prefer or look for most in the sound. Thd Hales will give you a more balanced sound reminicent of the real performance. Maggies on the other hand are very transparent sounding speakers. If you value transparency over everything else, then it is the speaker of your choice. IMHO, you should go for the Hales R2 or R3 if you have a bigger room. Great speakers at a great price.
I have owned Magnepan 3.5s for six years. I have seen used pairs available for $1400.00-$1800.00. You can find 2.7s available, too. Each time I listen to a "box" speaker I am not happy. I am a classic example of a Magnepan listener who can't go back to anything else. I like Magnepan!! You must listen and decide for yourself. If you listen to a pair of Maggies and your feet start tapping and you smile a lot, buy them!