Speaker recommendation $1000 or less you've had in your home

I prefer floorstanding 70s or 80s vintage three or four way with a DETAILED yet warm sound. I am more concerned with high notes than low notes.

Electrovoice interface b or c would be good choices as well as jbl lancer 99 also cerwin vega 12 t towers if you can find them another choice would be ess amt-1a these are all spectacular at the price
What ya think about Monitor 952 MD?
Several speakers come to mind: Dahlquist DQ-20's or 30's, Vandersteen 2CE's, PSB Stratus Silvers or the silver i's, KEF C80's & B&W's 802 Series 80 speakers. I still have the KEF's & 802's both of which have really nicely veneered cabinets.  

The KEF's retailed in the 1980s for $1000 and were the C (Classic) series top of the line. They've very smooth yet very detailed mids & highs, and incredible bass using KEF's flat, racetrack-shaped B139 woofer, and very sophisticated constant 4 ohm impedance crossovers that are a very easy amplifier load that makes it possible to drive them with a boom box. Good amps make them sing & give them taught, powerful bass.

The earliest B&W's unlike all the metal domed 802's that followed, had smooth sounding textile tweeters, kevlar mids, and dual acoustic suspension 6" or 8" woofers and are very musical. The 802's are a difficult load and need really good, powerful amps. I drive them and my Magnepan LRS's with an old Classe CAP-151 integrated amp. These old 802 Series 80's often sell for between $900 to $1200 whereas new 802D's sell for +/- $20,000. It would be hard to go wrong with any of the above speakers.
Anyone for the Monitor Audio 952?
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