Speaker recommendation $1000 or less you've had in your home

I prefer floorstanding 70s or 80s vintage three or four way with a DETAILED yet warm sound. I am more concerned with high notes than low notes.

I do like my DCMs and don't want to replace them, but looking to go one step or perhaps several steps beyond if that exists
Boston Acoustic A series either 200 or 400. Or better yet try and find a pair of the flowing from ADS: L1090/1290/1230/980. I prefer the L980’s.
PSB Stratus Silver i’s were wonderful. Loved every minute. Find a good used pair for &4-500 and smell the sweetness and feel the thunder! Just a superior floor stander at almost no $
Thiel 2 2, fantastic.Slightly warm, extremely satisfying clean, clear, lively sound.  Great imaging, good resolution but not hyper detailed.  Had I bought these as my first really good speakers that might've been the end.  
the infinite slope are a very good option but I prefer the KEF 104.2 or even better a pair of Alon speakers  V MKIIs, etc.  Dynamic, very open, fast, slam, beautiful mid range tone, nice bass.  Very 3D sounding also.

Happy Listening.