Speaker recommendation $1000 or less you've had in your home

I prefer floorstanding 70s or 80s vintage three or four way with a DETAILED yet warm sound. I am more concerned with high notes than low notes.

Thanks for the JSE Info. interesting speakers I was not aware of.
I thought it might be useful to let you know some speakers I have listened to in the past and liked though I did not listen to all of them in a home.


DCM I currently own timeframe 350

the TT with 3 arms I wrote you about can be seen in last photo of this listing on eBay


+++ on the DCMs.  I lucked out and scored a pair @ $200 all in.  They need some room.  They were good enough for Bryston to use them in demos at shows back in the early 90s.
I do like my DCMs and don't want to replace them, but looking to go one step or perhaps several steps beyond if that exists