Speaker recommendation

I've been away from this forum for some time so forgive me if this thread is redundant. Simply, I need more bass response from my kit. I am running a Belles Hot Rod 150A and Rogue 99 Mag thru PSB Silvers. I like the overall sound but have been wanting more base. I tried shi-shi cables...nothing appreciable to warrant the cost. I swapped out different combinations of 6sn7s, including gt's and bad boys, vt 231s including TS round plates and metal base, and 5692 red base. The sonic differences were notable but the bottom I was looking for was elusive.
Frustrated, I bought a Definitive sub that more than delivers. At about 18" cubed, it takes up room that I now need. I want to get rid of the sub and upgrade to a speaker that delivers it all without amphitheater size and the need of a second mortgage. I'll listen to all suggestions. Thanks in advance for you advice, humor and criticism.
Need to know the size of the room
If you like your overall sound but just want more bass maybe you should step up to PSB Stratus Goldi speakers (they are discontinued but show up used). They do like a lot of power but bass is one of their strong suits and otherwise they would sound like your Silvers. I used to have them but they were too much for my new smaller music room in the house we moved to. Having enough bass was never a problem with them.
Thanks Bizango. I've never heard the Goldi and frankly assumed PSBs were just thin throughout the line. Any idea of cost? They look like "they might be giants"...a bit large for my space which is, Ejlif, 13'-6" x 13'-6".
I am listening to PSB Golds as I type this. There is plenty of strong tight bass. However, your room is very small, and may never be able to produce enough bass without being boomy. I have used the Silvers side by side with the Gold and while not as strong in the bass, were plenty adequate. Does your subwoofer give you satisying bass, or just more boom?
In your size room I would think you could get outstanding bass from a more full range monitor like the Dynaudio C1. That is a pretty small room I have a system in a 12x14 bedroom that gets great bass with a revel M20. I would think you could end up overwhelmed with a full range floor stander in a room that size. I think decent amount of bass is much better than to much in a small room
Axspike, yeah your room would be too small for Goldis. The C1 recommendation is a good one. I used to have Usher BE-718's which would work well in a smaller room just like the C1 would.
Manitunc, I guess it's satisfying; I've had it for about 4 years. But I've always hated this room. Like a small bed-not enough room to stretch out. Maybe the Silvers are just not able to stretch out. I'm not gonna be here forever but I'll never have a Great Room. Dunno.
How much are these C1's? And...what are my PSB Silvers, mint with boxes, in cherry, worth?
I just paid %350 for mine Silvers in black. but i think that was a great deal
MSRP for the new C1 MKII is $7500 and $8500 for the signatures plus stands. Original preowned C1's typically get around $4000 depending on finish and stands.
Do you have acoustic treatments, i.e., absorbers and diffusers? Including ceiling?
No I don't. The room is not a dedicated audio room. It's a generic Den/TV room that needs to be multi-purpose for all.
That's far too much money for me. New is out; maybe used. It looks like selling the PSBs will hardly make a dent.
This effort is to try an get some living space back that's being used by 2 subs. I better come clean on this. I've got my regular audio system, mentioned above, but also in the same room is a Denon 2809 receiver, 5 Mirage nanosats and 1 Mirage nanosat matched sub. Let's see...7 speakers and 2 subs in a 13.5 square rm. I listen to alot more music than I watch TV so I have priorities. Anyway, is there a way to rid myself of 1 of these subs? Can I power the Denon thru the Definitive as well as the Rogue? If I can do that, I've gained some space.