Speaker Recomendations w/ Emotiva XPA-2

Would like some input on best speakers to pair with the emotiva xpa-2 amp. My budget is 2K. I listen to classic rock, adult alternative, blues, acoustic, and some country. I occasionally like to crank it. My preference is a speaker that has a nice wide soundstage and smooth. My room is 24'x16'x9.5'.
You should post to their forum. emotivalounge.com
I had gret success using that amp with my Salk Songtowers
Although a little more than your budget, you may want to
check out the Boston Acoustics E-100 towers. Awesome!!
Would be great with that amp. I was running a Jolida 1501,
but they really came to life with a Bryston 4BST.
Your room is similiar to mine, and these 6'5 beauties
fill it with ease.
Magnepan 1.6 (1k aprox) and a nive 1k used sub(SVS). Thats my current setup.
Thanks for the input, this will give me several options to look into. Any other suggestions are welcome.