Speaker recomendations plz?

I'm getting either a Denon AVR-668 or 1708, and I need dynamic speakers for listening to metal and games from my computer. I would like stereo bookshelves with active woofers, but I could live with a sub woofer if necessary. I'm on a budget, so price is a factor, along with quality. I have a really small room (10*10*8 high), And I've been recomended bookshelf Klipsches, suck as the RF-5's, so what should I get?
I hear nothing but great reviews and feedback on the new B&W 685 bookshelf speakers. They sell for around $650.00/pr I believe. They're very much alive. I've heard them myself. They incorporate technologies taken from the far more expensive 800 series loudspeakers. Just a thought.
I have also been recommended those, however they are a bit out of my price range.

Also, when I said the klipsch rf-5's, I meant to put klipsch rb-25's which I can get on ebay for like 50-100$. I'd need something I could buy used for less than $200. Also, should I be using a sub?

Thanks for the help by the way.
Not sure what you mean by Suck as RF5's anyway.. Are you saying you don't like Klipsch so don't recommend them?

Anyway as for Metal music you will need something pretty efficient, and well balanced if you want any bass out of them. So yeah at your pricing some old klipsch Herseys or something like that would be pretty good... but they are not really a bookshelf, they still are fairly large, about half the height of a floorstander but double the size of your average bookshelf. Beyond that it will all come down to the matching with Denon, I have heard OLD denon Class A amps which are far better than the new surround models that work well with klipsch or any horn.

B&W in my opinion will break up at high volumes with metal, and will be pretty polite sounding without a subwoofer and some serious volume cranking them, possible an equalizer..

The best I can point you toward is pretty much anything From POLK audio.. Excellent match with most Denon equipment, and they can rock pretty good... Or possibly PSB speakers.
Good luck
Undertow, when I said suck as klipsch, I meant SUCH as... oops... But yeah, my dad has klipsch cornerhorns, and they're nuce, just not w/ my music.

Also,heresies may work. they don't need to be bookshelves, the rb-25's are kinda big too. I've just been told that bookshelves would fit best for the price. I am considering the 1708's because of their audysey function, which i've been told would helP what ever speaker I got. knowing that, what else do you recommend?
Their not bookshelves ..at the price I would find a way to make them fit in the room! lol

I have no affiliation with this company, but from all the audiophiles going koo koo for cocoa puffs over them.

There's got to be something to these $699.00 speakers.AV123 x-statik Tower Loudspeaker. Some of the finishes are gorgeous..when you think of how inexpensive the speakers are!

Finding speakers with sealed bass cabinets is also very difficult these days.I would save a little more and shoot for something like these.
You can seriously look into even some cheaper infinity, JBL, Polk stuff at the local circuit city, best buy type thing.. You can take a pair home and play, then return if they are not satisfactory.. Also they do sell many of the klipsch models now, yeah a bit of a pain but you need to get a basis on what will work for you not so much of how equipment will work, problem is for the price point you are looking at this is really your only way to see how much you can get for that money in the end. If you had a little bigger budget of about 500 plus for a pair of used speakers than you could be pointed toward quite a few options that originally cost in the 2000 range and really get them to sing, but also bookshelfs will not probably pull the type of sound I think you seek. So 2 things, you probably have to come to terms with needing a bigger speaker, and also a bigger budget, or take some shots local at a few brands that you can return and see if something does it for you, 200 investment is next to nothing remember, so don't worry about how much better something is at that level, not being rude, just trying to help and keep you from going to crazy worrying about it with that small of an investment.
Good Luck!     
I have been using the B&W 685s and have to say that for the price they are one the best, both for tube and solid state amps. Good punchy bass and liquid mid range.
concur with undertow post. go to big box store and take some home. also used nht, cerwin vega and paradigm are wellsuited to your specs. such a small rom will not handle deep bass anyway and low bass weill be reenforced by walls. polk has an owner club site where they sell used, they made some rockin little boxes over the years. in that space i would not bother with a sub. $200 is not much to worry about when you consider your cables alone may cost more. good luck :}