Speaker recomendations please

Hi there, I've been looking to replace my existing speakers but I'm having a terrible time finding what I want. I have a complete Myryad system,MCD200 cdp, MP100 pre-amp and the MA240 power-amp at 120 watts/ch at 8 ohms. I'm looking for a full range speaker with good weight at the bottom end, Music preference is Jazz and Alternative Rock with some Electronica. Budget is approx. $1500-2000.
Any suggestions ?
I would hazard that Energy Veritas 2.3 or 2.4 might do the job well...definately weight at the bottom end on those. (Second hand of course...good value IMHO) G'luck!
I can unflinchingly recommend the Von schweikert VR-2 in your price range. It has a great bottom end but is really a great all around speaker. It is in your price range new (slightly discounted) and definitely used.
I see some Gallo Ref. 3s on Audiogon right now for $1600 if you're close to Virginia. Power that 2nd voice coil and you've got "weight" in the bottom end for sure...

Von Schweikert....
Take a look at Tyler's web site. Need help, send a PM..
Hey thanks a bunch guys, after contemplating some of your answers and searching A'gon for info on speakers, I may just increase my budget to $2500-3000. This might reflect more what most of you are saying regarding how much you should spend on speakers in comparison to the remainder of your system.
Used Alon MKIIs, IVs or Vs

Happy Listening.
do yourself a favor and listen to some usher 6311's.
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I've recently discovered an amazing young company that is changing the rules of the game in this category, and raising the bar. Check out Zu. As in Zu Cable. I just replaced my Linn Aktiv Kaber system with Zu Druid Mk4's (powered by Nuforce, yet another amazing new-ish company), and they blow away anything I've heard in 20 years. And the Druids are perfectly in your price range. Can't say enough about them.
Revel F30's are a great buy. 1500-2000$

Linnfan: Thanks for bringing Zu to our attention. Never heard of those in this forum. :)
the von schweikert line of speakers offer very good value for the money- they're accurate as well as musical, and offer deep bass as if "it's not even a big deal". i bought a pair of VS's without hearing them 1st, something i would normally NEVER consider. but everything people told me about the sound was true- very resolving while staying true to the sound of real instruments. for less than $5k (retail), you can get a truly full-range speaker; that's pretty amazing.
I would suggest The Vandersteen 2ce.. Very tight in the bottom. Highs and imaging places you in the front row of concert. JAZZ, BLUS OR FUNK you'll love them
Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures are just what you are looking for. They are a tremendous value in high end. Extension top and bottom, harmonic structure, time and phase accurate and just plain "draw-you-into-the-music" thereness.
Hi I have pretty much the same setup. Myryad MDP500 G6 preamp MA500 power and teh MCD600 CD player. I tried loads odf speakers and I can tell you that the speaker you want is the Proac D15 floorstander.

I know you posted this like 9 months ago but if you are still not happy with whatever you've go then get the Proacs.