Speaker Recomendations $3000

Have a Hafler 200 dual channel system and looking to upgrade my speakers and want to spend not more then $3000. Would prefer floor standing with small foot print. The room is an L shaped living room 11X14 with a 10X10 alcove. Must sit close to the speakers for careful listening & want to fill the room with easy sound when entertaining. Prefer a warm easy sound with air & good detail. Listen generally to contemporary jazz, classic rock & blues, lots of guitar & percusion some piano & B3 organ. I have looked at the S5E and I like them. What else would you suggest. thx
there are countless treasures for 3k....if you have the room, a used pair of dunlavy IV's(for 3k would include shipping)and you're probably as 'there' as most will ever get. the b3 recordings will blow you away....
In that price range, I love the Vienna Acoustics Beethovan Baby Grands. They sound just as you describe what you are looking for and should be a good match with your amp.
ohhh, Audio Physic Virgos used... a favorite of John Atkinson AND me AND the old owner of the Digital Ear, who could have had just about anything and used these.
I'll second the vote for the Vienna Acoustics. I heard the Baby Grands at RMAF and they sounded great there - had me lingering in that room for a while. I don't know how they'd pair off with your amp though, but I'm pretty sure they were using SS at the show. The next room were playing the Mahlers - even better still, but beyond your price range.