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I just bought a second home and the room where the new system will go is quite large (60’x20’) with a wall of windows.  I’m looking for a pair of speakers that will be more for listening in position close to the system but that can still move enough air for when we have lots of people over.  Budget is about $10-15K for an amp and speakers.  I have a Moon 340i but fear it doesn’t have enough power to move the speakers I’ll get.  I was thinking about Golden Ear reference but my wife and I are more classical and jazz listeners and these are better for rock?  Suggestions appreciated!
There are some really sensitive souls on here. 

Personally, I appreciate hearing all feedback/opinions. Good or bad, dealer or consumer. We all process sound differently so one person's prized audio component/speaker is another person's trash.

I have picked up the phone and spoken to audiotroy - several times. He is quite knowledgeable with system matching and has provided me valuable input/feedback on all ideas - whether he carries the product line or not. On top of that, he's never been pushy or attempted to close the deal. That's a hell of a lot better than my local dealers. If he carries my next speaker, he'll be my first call to work a deal.

Life's too short to get your undies in a bundle over this shit. Enjoy the music and the hunt for your perfect system. I love my PS Audio BHK setup - if audiotroy were to post that it's inferior or overpriced - who cares, it's my prize. Just my 2-cents. 
Keoliphant, thank you so much for the kind words really appreciate it.

As per the PS Audio stuff, we haven't heard it or tested it vs our setups so we can't really comment on how it actually performs.

The point we make is that with the Monos at $15k plus the preamp at $4-7k plus two power cables and interconnects gets you a stone's throw from the T+A HV 3100 integrated which is an absolutely amazing sounding product.  

We would love to test the Stereo amp and preamp and see how it compares to our other lines and if it is really good we would most likely sign up to sell their gear.

Our past PS experience the Perfect wave dac was okay so we haven't really formed a pro vs con experience about PS.

Akaim that is not really the point sure a set of Cerwin Vegas will play loud but the size and power of that kind of speaker will give you is not the same as  the wave launch of a much physically larger speaker in a big room, the larger the room the larger the loudspeaker needs to be, hence our recommendations. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I don't mind @Audiotroy weighing in on these forums.  In the past he's brought up some good points and comparisons on equipment that he does seem to have experience with.  As mentioned earlier, take it with a grain of salt the same you'd take anyone else's opinion.  It seems no different than anyone else replying to these threads with what they own or have experience with.    

And I would hope with the options available to him, he would choose to sell reputable gear.  As for bashing, as long as there is a reason given for why he feels that way, I'd like to be given the opportunity to decider that too.  

No offense, but it does seem like AudioTroy is "selling", rather than advising.  That being said, The Legacy Focus is a very nice-sounding loudspeaker.  However, it is not in the same class as the Acoustic Zen Crescendo, which is an outstanding speaker and one of the few I covet.

If your choice is between those two.... well, you should hear them both and make your own decision, but I think I've made my feelings clear. 

A better comparison would be the Crescendo vs. the Legacy Aeris.  THAT would be a tough decision!