Speaker reco for vintage 35w amp in small room?

Since my last child has graduated and left the house, I now have a small bedroom I can set up for dedicated listening. The room is (unfortunately) 11' x 12', but I can treat it however I like. ...and I will have to, given potential for strong common room modes. I'm looking to build a small system (LP-based) around a really great vintage amp.

The Pilot SA-260 amplifier shares some characteristics with a Marantz 8b for those who don't know it, with about 35 watts per channel. It' an EL-34 based amp, with dual tube rectifiers, and has HUGE output and power transformers, and a lot of drive. It's just been refurbished, with new power supply caps and coupling capacitors. I temporarily put it up in the bedroom where it sounds extremely nice through a pair of PSB Alpha's. But the lure of a dedicated space where it can shine is too much.

My Musical tastes tend to classical, alternative folk, female vocalists. Classical includes big symphonies as well as chamber music (but no opera). I have about 1,500 LP's, mostly classical versus maybe 600 CD's.

Considerations. I've owned both Maggies (1.6's) and Vandersteens (3a), but most of my speaker experience is with vintage speakers--Altec's, Bozaks, Klipsh's, KLH's, etc. At one point I was considering a set of Quad 57's restored for the new room, but after talking to a couple of owners, I think the space really doesn't seem right for them.

For the new room, I'd like to get something more modern, and stay below about $2,000 if possible.

I'm not looking for a list of all the speakers anyone's heard are "good" for $2,000 or less. I can find that without any help. I'm looking for first-hand experiences where folks have found nice synergy between vintage tube amps and modern speakers. Anyone who has heard the Pilot is amazed at how spectacular some of these old amps can sound. Don't think "rolled off treble and fuzzy bass." It's a solid perfomer that deserves appropriate speakers. On the other hand, it's not powerful by today's standards. As my own experience is so limited, I'm hoping to benefit from yours. Anyone BTDT?

All help and advice greatfully accepted. Thanks!
Have you considered the Gallo Ref 3.1's ? I am in the same exact situation as you, my son has gone off to college and I am converting his room over to a dedicated listening space. I have just gotten back into vinyl with a Pro-Ject xpression tt and I am using a vintage Dynaco st70 that has been slightly hotrodded. My sons old room is the same size as your room and I just tried out a pair of the Gallo's a friend has a few weeks ago. Everything sounded good but I will need some room treatment for sure. The size of the Gallo's is right for the room also, not too intrusive. Anyway just food for thought. Good luck. Aloha.
The Gallos a great choice. I own the green mountain Europas and I love them. I am sure any of their products would be worth it. Also check out Castle Harlech speakers. I listen to these on a recommendation from a fellow audiogoner Jaybo and their great floor stander, that look great.

Many people say Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods sound great with a good tube amp. Mine sure do. Your Pilot should have enough power and your room, just big enough.
Thanks for your responses. I've heard great things about Green Audio, so I'll try to track down a dealer where I can audition them.

I've heard the Gallo's and thought they were a trifle grainy on the high end (my buddy's house, with solid state Audio Research gear). Might be they'd love my tube amp. I'll have to lug it over there and ask him to let me try it.
I too am in a small room , 10ft X 10ft .
Try to listen to a Reference 3a De Capo i . They love tubes and are fairly efficient , 90db . I use mine with a 40w P/P . They will go low (no sub needed) and are fairly resolving with a nice top end . Also easy to place .

Good luck
I had had a Transcendent Sounds T8 OTL amp that the previous owner used with Reference 3a De Capo's. He was ga ga over them (I assume that's a positive).

I had reservations about their ability to fill the room, especially on the low end. Live & learn.

If you do find something , like the maggies , that will work well in a small room , please let me know . I have been looking for something to reproduce that type of open , clear , you-are-there sound and have not been able to do so . Everything , to date , has needed more room to work their magic !

Good luck .