Speaker Reccommendation for Home Theater

I need help! I will be moving soon into a new home and my family room will not be able to accommodate floor or shelf speakers. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of speakers to get? Wall or ceiling speakers? If anything, I would like to get small speakers that would hang from a rod fastened from the ceiling. I also would like to stay away from Bose, if possible.
Gallo Acuoustics has several (www.roundsound.com), Magnepan's MMG-W system (www.magnepan.com), RBH makes some great (well for what they are), in wall/cieling speakers (www.rbhsound.com), and B & W used to, not sure if they still do, make some great sounding in wall's as well.
Magnepan MC1 or MMG-W. Both can be wall mounted. I'm
using a combination of both with a Rel Strata III subwoofer
in a 5.1 configuration and it sounds excellent.
B&W makes a decent sounding wall-mounted unit, and Dynaudio has an in-wall version of its Audience 42 speaker, though a little more expensive. Martin Logan also has a wall-mounted speaker that's not an electrostat which sounds pretty good, but it eats up power and wasn't as dynamic as the B&Ws when I heard them side by side. If you want the suspended type of speakers, I wonder if Gallo's little spherical speakers might work in that application?
Wow. Those Gallo speakers are reall slick. They would definitely match me decor. Any idea on how they sound?
era Design 4s are well finished, compact, and come with hardware for wall mounting. I have the 4s in the rear, and 5s up front in my HT. They have no trouble filling my 16 x 22 room, and have a higher quality of sound then some of the alternatives I was considering (B&W, Paradigm, etc.). The Design 4s are 599 pr, the LCR 4 is 499 ea.
The Gallos do sound very nice. I heard them with a pair of subs, and they were great for HT, and not too bad for audio.
Let me chime in a recommend the B&W M-1's. I have a pair wall mounted in my office system. I'm constantly amazed at how much sound comes out of such a small speaker. The B&W LM1's are also a good speaker and they can be wall and ceiling mounted. I compared the two and the M-1's have a little more detail in the treble and the LM1's have just a tad more midrange warmth( splitting hairs). Of course all the small speakers recommend here will need to be paired with a subwoofer.

The Era Design 4's look cool, but I've never heard them. How about the Gallo Due'? I auditioned a pair and was really impressed with them, but they were out of my price range.
Linn Audio has HT system that takes up very little space. I think the front speakers are mountable on the wall. Panel design. Very small and compact subwoofer. Just saw and listened to it, at what I think was its debut, at a recent annual Home Theater Show. This was at Definite Audio in Bellvue, Washington last month. Not a super equake maker but very decent and more affordable. New engineering on the drivers. Very clear.

Great! Any thoughts on B&W's MT 30? My thinking: this setup comes with a sub. However I already have a sub. Is it ok to mix my sub with the M-1's? My current subwoofer is a Paradigm.
I'm using a DIY sealed sub based on a dayton audio titanic 8" driver and rythmik audio plate amp. Works great with the M-1's.
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