speaker rec

currently have quad 22L's hooked up to PS Audio GCC-100 int amp.Looking to put the quads into a secondary system upstairs in my living room mainly due to waf factor (she likes the birdeye maple).This is run by a musical fidelity
x_150 amp.Didnt seem like i was getting the full base extension on the quads with the ps audio but overall was quite happy with the sound. Want to audition the dynaudio focus 220 and am also interested in the gma callisto or
europa max for my downstairs system matched to the ps audio.am looking for decent tight bass along with not too bright highs. any suggestions or comments appreciated.
i can also swap amps if anyone can comment on better matches with either.if it helps im using a naimcd5x cd player with the ps audio. tks
adding further my ps audio/naim/quad system is in a lively room which i have tried to tame with corner busters and othe rroom treatments but still am not getting satisfying bass. the musical fidelity x-150 in my secondary sysem seems to bring some better bass to the quads which is also why im switching the speakers. am trying to find a better match for the ps audio amp.tyler acoustics taylo monitors and linbrook monitors ar e both in my budget of around 2000-2500 max which i just noticed are his july specials.
comments on them or others mentioned in my above thread matched to either amp would be appreciated. i could switch amps to either system if needed .just a bit frustrated trying to get the sound im after.