Speaker "pops" when power amp shut off


Anybody knows why my speaker "pops" when I shut-off my power amp. the problem just happen lately. will it damage my speaker if the problem left unsolve?
the "pops" shows even my preamp is in "mute" mode.
when I removed my pre to power interconnect to test. it doesn't "pop" at all.

I do not use any powerconditioner except a Oyaide power distributor.

my gears are:
ayre cx7e cdp
ayre k5xe pre
ayre v5xe power
von schweikert vr4jr speaker

cable used:
jorma 2 xlr ics.
jorma superpowercords.
jorma 3 speaker cable.

I wrote to ayre but there is no response.

please advise. thank you.

How old is it - it might be ageing caps....
check your shut down sequence,amp first is what sim reccomends.Power up cd first wait 2o seconds?then amp...good luck.
They do that. Use the proper turnoff sequence.

the gears were new only 10 months old. I only had this problem recently.

digsmith / eldartford,

the power amp have 2 switches. front switch and back toggle switch. the toggle switch is always on the "standby" mode, the "pops" came from the front switch, whatever sequence I tried the pops remain.
Your power rails are dumping at turn off. There is generally a bleeder resistor or a cap arrangement to let it happen slowly to ground but something has gone wrong. The turn off sequence won't change that. I would just send it back to Ayre for the repair.

Do you have turn off completely or can you just leave standby?My sim stuff is always standby mode.?

First I turn "off" the front switch then I off the supply for my power distributor.