Speaker question regarding Kharma/Sonus faber .

Do any of you fellow Gon members have any experience with the two following speakers? The Kharma Grand Ceramique and Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage. I'm very interested if any of you have the pleasure of listening to both these great speakers, and if so could compare and contrast their common sonic virtues or differences. Thanks in advance if you respond to my question. A final thought, if anyone has experience with other models in both speaker lines, it would still be helpful to hear from you regarding what's similiar/different in the voicing of their speakers.

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What equipment was Innovative using in conjunction with the Stradavari? Their set-up of the Amati used all-Levinson equipment and no analog, and the sound could not have been more mediocre.

Innovative is more of a home theater and multi-room shop (Linn, B&W). I think they sell BAT, but I doubt you're going to report that they were running Strads with a tube amp and analog.