Speaker Positioning with Tact RCS 2.0

Just received my Tact, but haven't had a chance to play with it (no digital cables yet). However, I was thinking about the issue of speaker placement with this unit. Since it corrects for room effects, can one get a wider soundstage by placing the speakers much further apart? Has anyone fooled around with non-"Cardas"-like speaker positioning? It seems to me that the Tact obviates the need for classical speaker placement methods, but I'm not sure where the benfits are to be had. I look forward to your input.
I use a wider than recommended spacing of my Dunlavy's with my Sigtech. I used some room design software and RTA room measuements to determine the places where the room modal response problems were minimized. Then I picked a wider than recommended placement to listen to orchestral music. With any DSP, the algorithims are based on some assumptions about speaker placement. If you get to fr out of the assumtions the correction curves won't automatically hit the targets. As with my previous posts, you don't know for sure how close you are to the target curves on the Tact without independet realt time measurements. Have fun with your Tact.
While you have greater freedom in positioning with the TacT, you cannot just plop the speakers down willy-nilly. Use the general rules (like the Cardas approach) or model the placement (with CARA or RoomOptimizer). You can, as stated, move the speaker farther apart and closer to room boundaries than without TacT but you do not want to set the system up in a way that creates significant peaks or, worse, nulls at the speaker or listener positiions.
Thanks for the feedback so far. I have used CARA to place my speakers in my assymetrical room and it sounds GREAT. However, although my speakers (Talon Khorus) are along a 25'wall, CARA places them only 7ft apart. When I move them further apart, the soundstage seems to get better, but the tonal balnce gets screwy.
Kr4 is absolutely right. I went for overal fewest nulls at the listening position from my measurements and modelling.