Speaker Positioning - ProAc D30RS

Hi everyone,

I wondered if you could help? I have ProAc D30S's and I am trying to get the positioning right. I am slightly confined by room width which is 262cm wall to wall.

If you dont mind me asking, how far apart are your speakers and how close to the side wall are they?  It is a bit of a compromise for me and a challenge to get the best position.

Currently my speakers are 6ft apart. Do I go further apart? if I do they will be close to the side walls!

What's best closer together and further away from side wall or wider and closer to side wall?

The D30S's have downward-firing bass port so that helps.

Oh the dilemma!! :-)

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Gary, that is a closet. The room is only 8 feet wide. The only way you are going to get decent sound is to put the speakers 4 feet apart and the listening position 5 feet from the speakers. This is tight but if you deaden the surrounding walls appropriately you should be able to generate a nice image.
Yes it is narrow, its a converted garage! 

I have them 6ft apart at the moment and 1ft from the side wall. I think Im losing a lot of base and stereo imaging. Would that make sense?



I've got news Gary, it is always a compromise. Nearer to walls is more bass not less. Farther from walls is less bass not more. This goes both for the speakers and you. Where you sit matters as much for bass response as where you put the speakers. Don't take my word for it, play something with bass, move around and hear how much it changes depending on where you are.  

The biggest single factor in stereo imaging is speakers that are perfectly symmetrical and equidistant. The biggest room factor that can screw that up is first side wall reflections. If they arrive too early or are too loud that is no good. Too early we fix in a big room by moving speakers at least 3 feet from the side walls. You can't do that so next best is a small acoustic panel to absorb that first reflection. Key word being small- it is real easy to over damp a small room and make it dead. One foot square should cover it. 

Then you experiment. Move speakers closer or further apart, a little at a time, and listen. Each time you move the speakers try and listen from a couple different locations- closer to a wall, further away. You will eventually figure out the best you can do in your room and then it is what it is. I have a dedicated room, much bigger. But the process is exactly the same. And yes it is a compromise. 
Thanks millercarbon8,

That is really helpful. Should I also toe them in?  I guess that is trial and error also?


Right. Basically what you are doing is first you try and find the location where you get the smoothest/best response. Then once you have that play with toe in to get the kind of imaging you want. 

All you can do is try and see. That is all anyone can do. What you will find, pointed straight at you the sound stage will be very focused and deep. Angled out more and it will be wider but not as deep, not as focused. There is no right or wrong, it is all about finding the trade-off that is right for you and your situation. 

Another thing, the more directly pointed at you the less going off to the sides creating reflections you will want to absorb or diffuse.  

Towards the end when you think you got it where you want it use a tape measure to tweak them to where they are exactly equidistant and toe in is exactly symmetrical. Right now it will be hard to tell. But once you get it dialed in real good you will find even a fraction of an inch helps bring the sound stage that much more into focus.
Thanks Millercarbon8,

I have done all that and its sounding excellent :-).  Hans Zimmer currently vibrating the hinges off the door!

Thanks Russ69, unfortunatly there is not enough space to use the other wall.

Many thanks

Excellent! Not surprised those speakers have the room vibrating! A lot of energy going from the speakers directly into the floor and walls will have them vibrating. It was a factor even in my four times as big room. A lot of what I thought was a room modes problem went away when I put the speakers on springs. Cleaned everything up a lot. Lot more things you can do. All depends on how far you want to go. Just because it is a small room doesn't mean you can't get great sound.
d30rs is way too much speaker for such a small room

response 1sc’s or tablettes are more appropriate
Yes it is too much speaker, although the room is long, it's far from ideal.
We will be moving house soon so I will have a larger room.

It only vibrates at one particular moment on one track. The rest of the time it sounds good.

The room is 18ft long and I have acoustic panels in the corners of the room and to the side of the speakers as you suggested millercarbon8.
 Thanks for the link  millercarbon8, that is very interesting.

I think I will order the Moabs ! :-)

I love that guys comment:

"When I got my Moabs Eric reminded me to make sure that the tweeter was at ear level.... i said, “Which one” 😂😂

many thanks

Oh just to add I have the speakers on thick carpet with underlay, on spikes and on isolating feet.


Not being familiar with those I looked up the images of them. I see that they have tweeters that are offset to one side. You might try experimenting by swapping them to see if they image better with the tweeters inboard vs outboard of center. Sounds like you've made progress already though. Good deal!
Happy listening.
My floor is thick carpet like yours. I’ve gone from spikes to Cones to Cones with Round Things to springs to now Townshend Podiums. Each one was a lot better than the one before, but the jump to Podiums was greatest of all. Probably the best speaker isolation out there. Someone recently went from Iso-Acoustics Gaia said it was a big step up. I was just about convinced time to break down and get tube traps, then Podiums made such a big improvement I can thankfully forget about all that.

This has to be due to the speakers no longer mechanically exciting the room as much. In a smaller room I would think the improvement would be even greater.

The Moab thing was probably in jest. But if you were serious, then boy will you be shocked how much better they are.
Wow those Podiums are not cheap! 

I may start with some Iso- Acoustics Gaia, better than just spikes.

Yes just joking about the Moab :-)

Thanks for your thoughts and advice.

People who have compared say the Podiums are a lot better than Gaia. Rather than spend a lot on something not that good, if you want to save money I would go with Nobsound springs. Probably better than Gaia but at $30 for 4 you will be happy if they even come close. I used them under a lot of my gear until upgrading to Pods and Podiums. They are quite good, you cannot judge by the low price, crazy good for the money. 
Hi Millercarbon,

Would you put the speaker base flush on to the Nobsounds or keep spikes in and spikes on to the Nobsounds?

Many thanks