Speaker positioning on dedicated room

I am building a dedicated room on my new home (home is already built so I am stuck with a semi square room), I am in the process of redoing the floors, so I would like to leave pipes under the floor to route speaker wires from the rack to the speakers, and then also route the wires for the proyector to the rack through the ceiling.
I have already designed my idea, here I leave the picture:


Can you tell me what you think about this positioning? I did it basing on the cardas room setup guide.

I can later move the speakers around a bit, but I need a starting guideline for placing the pipes.....the idea is to keep the cable runs as short as possible (that is why I want to route them under the floor)

Any input is highly appreciated! The speakers are B&W 803D, amps is a W4S, the system is stereo although I will have a proyector for watching blu ray discs. The room will have acoustic treament on ceiling, walls, floor will be thick carpet.

What floor is this room on? Though it might be easier to route the cables straight along to the first speaker and then over to the second from there, you'll have well over 16 ft in cable length by then. I'd say cut diagonally from the rack straight to the second speaker (left).

Also, you could just use wire rated for in-wall use vs. installing pipes. I'd just pack the hole around the wire with a permanent flexible putty. So you may want to look at the cost benefit before you start ripping out parts of your floor that might have been better left alone. Just my opinion.
PS... that room setup is nice, simple and works. I'd stick with it.

thanks for the input!
The idea yes, was to route 2 pipes, diagonally from rack to each speaker, the idea of the pipe was because the cement is not there (the flooring has been all removed to install heating pipes) so the work of putting the pipes is null, just laying the pipe there before they apply the cement again. Above the cement, the floor will be carpet with underpadding.

I am still considering making a low rack along the speakers wall, this should keep speaker wiring a bit shorter, but make the proyector wiring longer, although this is not a problem with today┬┤s HDMI wires.
(the idea of the lower rack on the front is because I am worried about first order reflections on the rack from the left side speaker if I make the rack with a glass door)
Hope you have read Floyd Toole's 'Sound Reproduction' book. It will give you some good guidance.