Speaker Positioning

I know from speaker position is critical in achieving the best results from a given system. Is there a dynamic way to measure placement of each speaker to make certain they are the exact same distances from back/side wall, cabinets, seating, etc. beyond a measuring tape and listening to the results? Seems to me if minor differences pay large returns, you could be tinkering with this a long time.  Thanks for the indulgence.  
Even while acknowledging that most room walls may not be “ perfectly “ even, loudspeaker and its measured room boundaries must be perfectly symmetrical in order to achieve the utmost in stereo image localization- down to the millimeter from back and side wall- as well as toe-in. This is an incontrovertible fact!
Thanks everyone. Again, a lot of great tips and education. I now understand why the speaker closer to the side wall is louder!  Glad it isn’t the equipment.  
Purchased the Bosch laser . Am just waiting for new speaker stands because tweeter position currently too low. Decent subs (vintage Kinergetics stereo 2-10” sealed boxes per side) make the back wall disappearance not much of an issue as those jawns pulse! Planning to get further away from back wall and relooking at R-L distance. 
Will check back at completion anticipated before the bird lands Thursday. 

My new listening room is 100% symmetrical.  I found a space closer together and further from the rear wall with the help of two friends as the Focuses weigh 185 lbs.  I use Hallographs to fine tune the focus of the speakers (funny, Focuses need to be focused using something else).  My new speakers will weigh 600 lbs. each.  I don't know how the installer is going to move them around so that I can fine tune them.  I intend to place them where the Focuses are.  Maggies are relatively lightweight to move to find their optimal position.  The good thing about the new speakers is that they have multiple adjustments for ambiance and bass (with rear tweeter and sub bass units).   600 lb. Evolution Acoustics MM2s and 3s are similarly adjustable.  I guess they suppose that perfect placement is too difficult to find.
The people at Soundings in Denver feel strongly about MASTER SETTING speakers.  I went with the triangle method and as soon as I moved my towers forward from the front wall, I notice a lot of improvement.  This group is extremely knowledgeable about this and I found this discussion interesting.  Guess this is what this hobby is all about.  What still amazes me is I have a realtor send me listings of homes on the market every day and I have yet to see a pair of stereo speakers standing in one of their rooms.  They invest in $5,000 entertainment cabinets and listen to their TV speakers.  I have always heard sound when watching movies is about 70% of the experience.  Also, they spend all of this money on a home and don't even listen to music.  We invite our neighbors over and it is enjoyable to sit down over a few glasses of wine and play music.  They just love it.  I think retail stores and dealers need to send out direct mail pieces to a certain demographic and increase their sales.  It is difficult to sell anything without marketing.