Speaker Positioning

I know from speaker position is critical in achieving the best results from a given system. Is there a dynamic way to measure placement of each speaker to make certain they are the exact same distances from back/side wall, cabinets, seating, etc. beyond a measuring tape and listening to the results? Seems to me if minor differences pay large returns, you could be tinkering with this a long time.  Thanks for the indulgence.  

My experience is that no room is symmetrical; the room is challenged such that one speaker has to be closer to its side wall than the other speaker is to the other sidewall.

I used to fight with trying to get the bass to sound" right" versus one speaker sounding louder than the other speaker AND the central image not being where it was supposed to be.

For me, the solution is to get the bass right, and, then, use the measuring tape to ensure the tweeters are equal distance from my ears at the seating position. 

Center image becomes focused.

The problem, then, becomes adjusting the speaker position from the front wall to improve the soundstage without losing bass. It's a trade off.

If the speaker is not too large for the room, you should achieve some amount of the desired disappearing act. 

Again, my experience, FWIW.

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The sweet spot/toe in variable seems to lend itself to almost as much debate; do you adjust sweetness to a single location, or do you compromise to expand the geography? Another personal preference no doubt.

Right. Most speakers will image best pointed almost straight at you. But imaging isn't everything, there's balance and space and width, and no right answers only your personal preference. 

My personal preference is of course amazingly fantastic, but even I cannot tell you how to achieve it via remote control. However wonderfully worded the advice may be it all comes down to you.

I would place a definite marker or marker to initialise  the base of of your speakers.
them move them incrementally to a preferred toe in (a narrower soundstage) or toe our out for a wider but weaker soundstage. (Depending on your productive system .
Your room is something you will need to sort out
However let’s not get lost

Depending on your “seat”, or at the various hearts or “stages you’ll are going with the living room and other most important rooms.

what I am trying to say, move
your speakers until they are right for you.

All the very best
Adrian 🇦🇺

...then there’s the room.

Speaker position without understanding the qualities of the room or even the equipment rack position is like dealing with 1/3 the problem.

I have moved across the country many times for work...rooms have their own power. Acoustic ceilings can be amazing. Such a
shame they when out of style.