Speaker position

Are there any good speakers (6-10,000) which would sound good when placed 4" from the wall. Room is 16X22X8 without many windows, wooden floor.

Thanks. Trying to accomodate wife factor but I don't know if it is possible.
I'm sure, that given you price range, if you keep your eyes open something will strike your fancy.
Gradient Revolution is designed specificly to be placed near the wall and reportedly sounds amazing.
That's very close to the wall so you will get accentuated and bloated bass from any speaker I've heard. Based on my experience (and I hope there is some magic answer out there from someone with exactly the right experience), I'd suggest smaller monitors if you are going to be that close to a wall: There is less bass to bloat. A separate subwoofer or two can be placed elsewhere -- careful about the matching though, it can be tough. By the way, if you are that close to the wall, wouldn't something be between the speakers? If so, that will probably affect your soundstage (e.g., if a TV or cabinet protrudes further than the speakers do from the wall).

You may want to also check into some beautifully finished speakers that you can insert more into the rather large room that you have. A gorgeous set of speakers could go a long way to offset partner acceptance issues. It might, in fact, be better to have an A-/B+ speaker out where it can "breathe" than to have an A+ speaker snug against the wall. There are plenty of threads here about good speakers in your price range. Look at pictures of those and decide which might best meet your wife's approval. I don't know your furnishings or style so can't make any suggestions. You may wish to share that so others can jump in with ideas.
The sadly discontinued Snell Type A was designed to be placed with its back up against the wall. This was one of the most intelligently designed speakers ever made. You might find a used pair; the woofers sag after a while and the surrounds may have deteriorated (I don't know if they were foam or not), but given your budget you'd easily have enough spare change left over to have the woofers reconditioned.

I'm a dealer for Gradient, and the Revolution can go very close to one wall, but it doesn't like to be too close to a corner (bass is decreased as the dipole woofer's out-of-phase backwave is reinforced by room boundaries).

Allison Acoustics has gone back into production with updated versions of some of Roy Allison's room-boundary-optimized designs, and would be well worth looking at.

If corner placement is an option, once again Allison is worth looking into. If you have access to a good woodworker, Pi Speakers offers an excellent design called the 7 Pi. Your wife could pick out the wood to match the rest of the room, which would bring her into the process and might be fun for both of you.

Best of luck to you!

The long discontinued NHT 3.3 was designed to place near the wall. It was a step or more below the price points you're looking at but is/was an excellent value and can now be found for even less. Careful amp and cable matching can yield quite a rewarding system. Originally avail in a piano black... I think that may be the only choice but nevertheless worth looking into. Good luck and happy listening.
would suggest a dipole. they can be very close to the side walls. so all you have to really adjust is the front/back..

alon for dynamic and maggie/martin logan for planer.

good luck,