Speaker position????

How did you arrive at the current location of your speakers.
I have had all kinds of trouble locating my speakers and a combination of trial and error, "The Complete Guide to High-end Audio," and a little help from Rives put them where they are now.
Do you have any secrets or advice?
I used the simple Cardas placement formula. I can post the website when I get home. It involves the "Golden Ratio" known from the times of ancient Greece...
(sqrt(5) - 1)/2 = 1.618 and its inverse 0.618.
If you can find a simple solution, patent it before you tell anyone. The correct location is dependent not only on the size of the room, type of furnishings, type of speakers, but also what your priorities are regarding sound and furniture location. Even designing a room from scratch where you have freedom of choice ain't a walk in the park. And it give you something to on a rainy day. :-)
I started with the 1/3 rule and went from there.
speakers 1/3 in from front wall--- listening position 1/3 in from back wall (behind chair)
Speaker seperated aprox same distance as from listening postion to create a tringle. Then adjust slightly as needed.
good luck
I think that Thorman's reccomendation is a very good place to start. I read a bunch of stuff before positioning mine some time ago, then followed this rule and the ultimate position was very close. Plus, many of the calculations presented seem good in theory but not practical unless you have a fully dedicated room with only audio equipment and a listening chair!

You will have to make adjustments wherever you start. Just try to absorb the results of a move with a more than a few listenings, lest you get caought up in making quick, multiple back and forth moves, not really sure if you've improved things.
I have used above methods until I came upon the Wilson Audio Setup Procedure. (WASP) It makes sense, sounds great and makes for very friendly room placement. Here is the info. http://www.tnt-audio.com/casse/waspe.html
If anyone tries it let me know what you think. Did wonders for my sound.