Speaker polyamory -- or, stories about getting a second set to alternate with your primary

So many threads out there are about chasing the ultimate speaker -- or getting rid of speakers to try something new.

Here, I am looking for different stories. 

If this applies to you, tell me about a time you had a certain kind of speaker and decided to get a second set to swap in. Maybe you had stand mounts and you wanted to swap in towers....maybe you had box speakers and wanted electrostats...maybe it was because you were super curious about a different brand...

Curious about your second, swap in speaker set...and why.

And, if you eventually fell out of love with the first pair and divorced them...feel free to confess to that, too.

Stay cool!


Great topic. Currently own a pair of Magnepans and Klipsch heritage horn speakers. For me, there's no point to having multiple "lovers" if they're a lot alike. 😉👍🎸🤘✌️

Soon to order some Tannoy Autograph Mini's.

Call it what you will, but there will always be Wharfedale Diamond 220's as my Marantnz PM8003 B speakers.

Currently, using Eminent Technology LFT 8's. My Martin Logan ESL's are jealous even though 2 months ago, I sold my QUAD ESL 63's... Yes I like panels...

I’ve had my B&W 802d for about 12 years after working my way up the line starting with CM1 bookshelf.   I am getting the itch to grab a pair of bookshelf’s to add but they need to be bi-wired for my set-up.

I have a search for Klipsch Palladium monitor/bookshelf but they are very rare.  Of course I can get the tower version for a good price.  Harbeth seems to be a good choice.   My budget is 1500 or so and I am open for suggestions.

I use a T&A Dac 200 for my pre, Spectron mono blocks and have a VPI Classic with Ortofon Cadenza red, Ear 834p.   Stream Roon/Qobuz

i think the bookshelf’s will be mainly for vinyl.

Audio is a bit different for me than other hobbies like art, music, film, literature, but motorcycling is the easiest hobby to compare.

I love motorcycling and am down to five motorcycles, all very different (and very old but reliable). For motorcycling I don't think any particular bike 'presents roads' in whatever may be deemed the only correct manner.

BUT, in music I believe the goal is the single most accurate presentation of whatever source is being played. I don't think there are a bunch of 'correct' ways to present the source or the music the artist intended.

So, for me, having a second music system of lesser or different quality would make me second guess the 'A' system. I don't need a 'classical' system and a 'rock' system. All music should be played accurately. (I would like louder speakers :-).

That said, I'd love spare speakers to fool with like DQ-10s, Pulsars, Magnepans, etc! Many give me pure joy because of the accomplishment for the cost (my Elac Debut F5.2 floorstanders and bookshelves in the TV room come to mind.)