Speaker placement toe-in and cables

I have spent the last year upgrading all my cables...speaker,IC's,and PC's. My speakers to get the best clarity and focus...started with a toe-in of about 12-15 degrees.

As I changed cables I would adjust the placement....I noticed after everything....and especially upgrading my digital cable from the dac to the transport. My speakers were only about 5 degree of toe-in. Then I moved a new PC from my preamp to the transport....and everything became rock solid....soundstage even more holographic.

The funny thing is that as I upgraded the cables and moved the speakers....I never really thought about it. I was listening last night and said to myself...it sounds incredibly good and the cables must have made a big improvement....look no toe-in anymore...they were straight out.

Just thought I would pass that tidbit of my experience along.
I had a similar "duh!" this past weekend.. but the other way.. i was thinking "this system sounds like crap compared to what i paid for it"..

Toe'd the speakers in like they always should have been..

Voila the speakers disappeared.. huge soundstage..

this hobby can be humbling sometimes.. but always entertaining

got another one about a cartridge...but we'll save that for another day
Objective1.....I know what you mean....I should point out another observation....I have a 7ft couch that I sit in. The sweet spot was in the middle....now it doesn't matter where I sit...end to end....wonderful...it's like a theater.
Your mileage will vary depending on the design of the speaker system, but I have found anytime you can use minimal to no toe in, you will be blessed with the most dynamic and natural soundstage IMHO:0)