Speaker Placement Tips.

Hello everyone. Anyone have some general speaker placement tips. I am trying to figure out where to place my Totem Rainmakers for best preformance. I have them in my bedroom facing my bed. On that same wall I have my computer and T.V. How far apart should speakers generally be?
Pardon me, but you must have a hearing problem. Nobody will come to your bedroom and set your speakers. You must do it yourself.
Is it a full, queen or king size bed? Add 6 to 12 inches on either side of the bed and go for it.
boy if I could add 6 to 12 inches in my bedroom the wife would be thrilled har har har
If you go to Totem's website you will find all the recommended distances and other pertinent info.
Thank you. Don't appreciate the smart ### remarks but thanks anyways.
I've always had a small bedroom with a queen bed, so all sounds get soaked up pretty thoroughly. I had the best results going nearfield, putting the speakers adjacent to the foot of the bed. Any other placement caused everything to just go dead.

If your bedroom is big enough that the bed doesn't dominate, then all the usual placement advice applies. This page on Rives site has a ton of information: