speaker placement software

in my 20 years of audiophile journey, I never relied on speaker placement software because I believed in my ears. it has worked fine until now, I moved into a house with a big basement which I turned into my stereo room. with concrete walls all around, I have a severe peak around 65hz I could not suppress despite moving my chair, speakers, 2 pairs of bass trap, 10 diffuser panels, and 2 huge sheets of acoustic foams hundreds of time.

will software help in my case? I seriously doubt it, but I am desperate after months of frustration. or anyone who has easy access to software can help?
You can use REW (Room EQ Wizard - Free download) and a calibrated mic (not very expensive) along with some equalization and/or room treatment mods to tame that 65Hz problem...


If the walls of your basement are not properly treated, than chances are that a
basis software kit will not be very helpful. Low waves have no problem
traveling through walls and the interference pattern you get in your room is
determined also by wave reflected by walls of the neighboring rooms.
Consequently, your four walls are not equivalent. Most basic software
packages assume they are equivalent.

If possible, place the speakers against each wall. You will be surprised how
dramatic the bass will change when moving the speakers form one wall to
another. If you have a dedicated stereo room, why not position the speakers
and listening chair to maximize the sound.

Electronic equalization can improve the bass response, stereo image and
sound stage considerably. Also, tame down (or kill) the resonance you have at
65Hz. However, electronic equalization should be done only in the last step,
i.e. after everything else was carefully optimized. As you suspect, hoping to
solve the problems of bad speaker placement with electronic equalization will
only suck out the life from the music.

I had a similar problem a year ago. Now I have a very good sounding room. :)

Good luck and keep us posted!