Speaker Placement Problem

Because of space issues in a home office I must put my speakers on a large bookcase. At most, I have 3/4 foot of space behind and to the side of the speakers.

Can anyone recommend bookshelf speakers that will work in this environment? Cost is not as much an issue as the fact they must be compatible with a Manley Stingray amp.

I listen to mostly acoustic and vocal jazz and rock.

Thanks for your help.
The only really good speakers I can think of that are actually designed to be used that way are the Wilson Duettes, They aren't cheap though.
The New Vandersteen VLRs are only 1100 bucks and
sound superb on a bookshelf or close to wall placement
Best JohnnyR
Thiel SCS's.
Spendor 3/5'S they are a sealed system no ports.
Aerial Acoustic 5 (older model - sealed design). Very good for rock, punchy mid-bass. Be sure to check the Audiogon archives for other suggetions.
North Creek makes speakers designed for this application. Of done as a kit, price friendly. John
aren't there some Dyn's with front porting?
Paulsax asked "aren't there some Dyn's with front porting?"

Dunaudio used to sell a small, front-ported speaker called the Audience 42W. I use a pair of these in my office system w/ a classic Luxman integrated amp and I think that they sound great. I believe that the replacement product is the Audience 42 SAT. I haven't heard one so I can't say if it's the same or not.
Induction Dynamics makes a monitor that is designed specifically for that. The dealer I heard them at had them in a bookshelf when I listened and they still sounded very good.
Check out the Zu Druid Credenzas,they were designed for this type of placement.