Speaker placement - need some help

Need some expertise and comment. My listening room is 22 feet long and 15 feet wide. Ceiling height 9 feet. I have my speakers along the long side approximately 6 feet apart, each speaker being approx 8 feet from each side wall. Each speaker is 3 feet from the rear wall and the listening position is 2 feet in front of the wall across from the speakers. How does this seem in proportions? I played a bit with CARA the computer program, but my speakers are not in their library. Looking for suggestions, such as move speakers further apart or move them closer or away from the wall. You guys are always great help. By the way my speakers are a 4 way base-reflex design 15 inches wide, 15 inches deep and 40 inches tall and weight 60 lb each.
Thanks in advance.
My first reaction is that your system isn't properly triangulated. I would probably have the speakers out further into the room, say 4&1/2 feet, and the listening position about where you have it give or take 1/2 ft I would think that the speakers should be about 9 feet apart with the listening position 10 feet back. I'd use a Radio Shack meter and a test disc to pin down the best location of the speakers and listening position to get good flat bass response and then fiddle with speaker toe-in to get the best sound stage and imaging.
Your room dimensions are pretty near ideal. However, I would strongly recommend your moving the speakers to be against the short wall. Even if the aesthectics of this do not appeal to you, try it anyway.

For just a rough starting point, I would suggest placing the speaker's center of woofer front approximately 5.5 ft from the back/short wall and the speaker center of woofer fronts should be approximately 3ft from the side walls. Toe-in the speakers directly toward the listening spot. And place your listening chair around 10 ft. from either tweeter.

This alteration should provide a substantial improvement in soundstaging, bass, etc. Not to mention not hearing reflections from the back wall.

The measurements above are general recommendations. Fine tuning speaker placement of 1 or 2 inch increments from that point should provide even better imaging, soundstaging, and bass response.

If bass response is boomy, bring the speakers out another 6 inches or so from the back wall. If bass response seems to have disappeared a bit, move the speakers back 6 inches or so.

I would definately try moveing speakers further apart
aprox 8'apart ,tweeter to tweeter and bring them out a touch more .Out to maybe 6' from back walland go from there.
Adjust as needed.