Speaker Placement, Listening Room Design

Any recommendations for information related to designing a dedicated listening room including speaker location, sound absorbing panels, diffusors, bass traps, etc? Thanks, have a kick ass system that I know want to optimize by putting it in a room that deserves it!
Try Alton Everest or John Sayers.
Have you invested in a copy of Robert Harley's book, "The Complete Guide to High End Audio"?. Many of your questions about room design, diffusers, bass traps, speaker placement, etc are explained in this excellent work. It's a book I refer to on a regular basis. Chapter 4 "How to Get the Best Sound from your Room" covers much of what you're asking about. IMO, it's a must read and re-read for all those in this great hobby. Available at major bookstores or on-line (Acapella Publishing).

One recommendation that my hi-fi store gurus tell me is to install wall bookcases in your listening room. These will help to remove echoes and turn down the brightness just right. Thick carpet is another important material to have.
Start with the basics, thick carpet and a pop corn acoustical ceiling, room measurements that eliminate/cancel standing waves. Then start with various speaker placements, following the one third rule. After that try different wall and corner treatments. Book cases on the side walls work great but try to cover at least two thirds of each wall. After that, its tweak, tweak and more tweak. One neglected issue is the acoustic shielding of the turntable/arm/cartridge. It needs to be in its own 'black hole', meaning no acoustic energy should impact/reach any part of it.
Rives will do a complete consultation....starting with either a blank sheet of paper or with an existing room. This is the cost-no-object solution.
If you are building a new room, you definitely should let professional design it. The cost of trial and error over time will be more than enough to pay for professional services and get it done right the first time.
I know the basics already - thick rug on floor, speakers at apices of equilateral triangle, diffuser such as a book case in the rear of the room. I need specific references to study such topics as how to place absorbent sound panels on walls, corners and ceilings. How to use sound meter or laptop software, mikes and decibel meters to measure outcomes. This is not so complicated that I need to pay someone thousands to design it and thousands more to install. I have a 12x22 foot room that needs acoustic treatment. Thanks for responses. Cardas has info on their website as does Ethan Winer.
I have had good experience with Ethan Winer. I took a picture from each corner of the room and mailed the four pictures to him. Ethan then made his recommendation.

I ended up buying 5 panels from him and they work well.
You will find the infromation you are looking for in Jim Smith's book "Getting Good Sound". It is the best $45 that I have spent. Nothing to lose; it comes with a money back gurantee.

The Decware website has a couple of excellent white papers on acoutsic treatments. The recommendations there worked for me.

Thanks to all, Vett and J Bailey. I am picking up Owens Corning FRK Thursday morning. Starting to repaint room and have some floorplans drawn up already. I will post pictures of finished product.