Speaker placement help

  • I have a unique living room set up. The entrance is wide open next to where my tv is. I plan on having a left and right floor speaker with the Dolby atmos speakers on top. They will each be 6ft away from the side of the 55” TV. In addition I will have a center speaker below the tv.. two rear speakers on the book shelf facing the couch.. and two atmos ceiling speakers above the couch. Two 10” subs on the floor. My main concern is that the floor speakers will be too far apart. My couch is very wide so the tower speakers will still be in front of the couch. Any input would be awesome!

That really is too far apart from the sense of getting the right impression from movies.  Get smaller side speakers you can put next to the TV or switch to a sound bar.
I can’t put the left speaker next to my tv because of the entrance in my living room. Wish I could post a picture to show you. Even if I have a wide center channel you don’t think it would sound the best? They are massive tower speakers with Dolby atmos on top