Speaker placement for Definitive Bi-Pole Tower 30s

Hi: just got the DEf-TECH bp 30s for home theater, it is a big room but rectanguar any ideas on what to think about for speaker placement for bi-poles to adjust sweet spot, right now they are next to big screen about 22 inches from back wall and angled in to prime listening area but since they are true bi-poles not sure what is the best. Also: in terms of bi-wiring, it has factory issued jumpers but want to bi-wire folllow english school?
Those speakers are designed to breath a bit, and so you hear some "back wall reflections" from the back drivers. So don't smuther them.
Balance width with speaker placment for bass response. They need to couple well in the room. You might have to put the bass woofers in your seat and go listen where the speakers should be. Otherwise, try different spots.
As for bi-wire, I'd tinker there last. I'd also cross em over as "small", and run a sub for best HT.
Also, those speakers do best with warmish sounding gear.
You'll have to, in short, tinker with location, and toe-in. There's no other choice.
Good luck
Will tinker around, thanks.
22 inches is not enough for the back wall to not hurt its sound reproduction, I would say 36 inches and may not need to toe them in once you get the backwall right YMMV
I agree totally with the suggestions. I owned a couple of the Deftec models as well. Really nice speaker for HT..Also the more current you can put on them ,the better they will sound.A strong 500 wpc wouldn't be too much for them..the BP30s eat up wattage.

Have fun!