Speaker placement: Any difference for cd or vinyl?

Is there any difference in speaker placement if your primary source is vinyl vs. cd or FM tuner? In other words, if you calibrate your speaker placement for your cd player, is there a possibility that that placement is not optimum for your turntable or FM tuner?.......or, is it one placement fits all?
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should be one for all
Good question... and the answer should be that the best speaker placement will serve either source well.

But all sources are not equal (as you may have found). Typically, the sound from vinyl will differ from CD mostly in the highs, where vinyl is more extended, but also in the bass (and even upper-mids to some extent).

For example, my ClearAudio Virtuoso cartridge portrays more information and extension in the high treble than my comparitively dark-sounding Rega Apollo CD player, so if I turn down the highs a bit for my vinyl it works out well.

I usually like to optimize for CD because it is typically more linear throughout the audio range than a turntable system, and because I listen to more CDs.

However, in my large-room system, which is the fullest-range, highest resolution and most dynamic system in the house, I employ an equalizer for subtle room EQ. It works quite well plus I can alter the EQ slightly for each source, and that way, enjoy the best presentation each source is capable of at the push of a button. It works out quite well for me.

With my latest additions of the ClearAudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge and the Cary CAD 120S tube amp I'm finding that my vinyl playback has gone to another level.
One placement fits all.

However, I have found that changing preamp or amplification often requires tweaking speaker placement slightly.
I had the same dilemma and decided to cater to vinyl source now...I set the speaker for the "analog" sound. If you have smaller room ,then you have to decide.There is just too big dynamic difference in vinyl versus analog to have both at one system.
I wish that both need the same speaker distance, but my phono has a slightly wider separation and so I sit slightly closer for digital than analog. Changing your seating position is all you may need, or nothing at all.