Speaker Placement

I just bought B&W 802N. Any suggestion how to place them.
They are fed by MF-A3.2cr
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Standing up and facing you.

Now, more important than the amp, what's your room like?

Hey Kr4, what if he lies down to listen? Just kiddin Budam, but you gotta admit that was pretty funny!!!
Go to a good audio shop and ask them how much they would charge to do the set for your 802's. This absolutely cannot be done through room dimensions alone and advice you get on the 'gon. You need someone who really knows what they are doing to get it right, and they need to be in the room to do it. Literally an inch one direction or another can make a very big difference (I know, I didn’t believe it either until I heard it). Depending on your connections and luck, this will cost anywhere from a gift certificate to a nice restaurant to a couple hundred bucks to get done. But even at the high end of cost, it is a bargain. Do it. You've already sunk a lot of money into your speakers, give them a chance to sound their best.
Newmanoc is right in that, to do this right, you really need someone to come to your home to do this correctly. Speaker and seating possition locations/variables must be measured and plotted, toe-in/aim dialed in, acoustics considered and recommended, bassed on your needs and options,tweaks,etc. This is the short of it for 2 channels only. Still, there's too many variables that can't be done by emails,faxes,computer print-outs,and telephone conversations! You need experience to get the best out of it. Rives will charge you about $3k for a full on-site job. They do do good with 2 channel though. Others are less, but you've gotta look around.
Search the Site archives for this question. There are several ways to do it yourself. WASP. Cardas, etc. Even if someone places them for you, you will make adjustments yourself (ad infinitum!). Good luck
Wanted to make a correction--or clarification. I think Flmlamb is talking about our level 2 design services, which are $2250. This is far more than just set up, this does a complete design of acoustics in the room. Many of our dealers will do set up without a Rives design, and having someone come out and do that can be very worthwhile.

The other comment about the Cardas set up is also good. It's frequently a great place to start. Also, on our website our resources page offers quite a lot of help including a loudspeaker set up article which may be of help.
Thanks everybody.