Speaker Placement

I am currently moving from NY to FL. 
I will be able to have a dedicated two channel audio room. Only issue is the size of the room is 12 feet length and 8 feet wide along with 8 feet ceilings. I have a pair of Golden Ear Triton Reference. 
Any suggestions or advice on setup?  Or is the room too small? 
My copy and paste has been working overtime

Naturally, YMMV. Works in my room, along with some room enhancement-ceiling/first reflection damping. Multi sub setup as well.

I’ve heard the GE Tritons sound pretty convincing.
Thanks!  Appreciate the help will check them out. 
My sense is that your Triton Reference speakers with multiple sub bass speakers, passive radiators and a 12 hz bass response will overdrive your modestly sized room.  Placement options will be limited in this space and your listening position is likely to be next to a wall, which amplifies the bass issues.   A better solution would be to buy new speakers that work well in a smaller space, like Harbeth, Spendor etc.  
I see some room treatments in your future. 
Yes I agree either have to sell them and downsize or do alot of room treatments