Speaker Placement

I am currently moving from NY to FL. 
I will be able to have a dedicated two channel audio room. Only issue is the size of the room is 12 feet length and 8 feet wide along with 8 feet ceilings. I have a pair of Golden Ear Triton Reference. 
Any suggestions or advice on setup?  Or is the room too small? 
I would set them up in the room. Preferably equidistant from where you will be sitting. 
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Naturally, YMMV. Works in my room, along with some room enhancement-ceiling/first reflection damping. Multi sub setup as well.

I’ve heard the GE Tritons sound pretty convincing.
Thanks!  Appreciate the help will check them out. 
My sense is that your Triton Reference speakers with multiple sub bass speakers, passive radiators and a 12 hz bass response will overdrive your modestly sized room.  Placement options will be limited in this space and your listening position is likely to be next to a wall, which amplifies the bass issues.   A better solution would be to buy new speakers that work well in a smaller space, like Harbeth, Spendor etc.  
I see some room treatments in your future. 
Yes I agree either have to sell them and downsize or do alot of room treatments 
Another option to consider: a Lyngdorf integrated amplifier with RoomPerfect to minimize the bass issues.  The Lyngdorf is supposed to be very effective at this and also sound quite good according to the reviews.  It might be a more elegant and predictable solution than filling your small room with bass traps and other acoustic material.  The main models are the TDAI-2170 and the newer, more powerful TDAI-3400 which has more features and is Roon Ready.   

Personally, I've changed speakers each time I moved to a "new" house in order get the best sound from the room.  Small British monitor speakers were perfect for a condo but got lost in a large family room.   

Not only is the room too small but you have two similar dimensions which will plague the bass. You would do well to use another room if you can.
Putting your listening position against a wall is criminal! So you would be stuck using the 8 foot wall for the system. Assuming two feet from the 8 foot (front) wall and one foot in from the sides this would place the listening position 8 feet from the front wall a safe 4 feet from the rear wall.  
Along the same lines as Kendrick2's suggestion I would find a dealer who will let you borrow an Anthem A/V Receiver which has strong room correction software.  This will tell you if you can tame the bass issues you will have. I had a 12 x 12 x 8 A/V room in my last house that sounded like a disco from the 2nd floor after I installed Golden Ear speakers.  They problem was nicely solved once I installed the Anthem.  
Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely look into room correction and hopefully that can help. Good part with the Golden Ears are the adjustable bass volume. I am hoping I can make this room work out because otherwise I don’t know where else I can put equipment. 
The biggest problem in a small room is getting the bass under control.What others mentioned are all valid solutions to try:Room correction software,room treatments,two or more subs,small monitors or small Ohm Walsh speakers are considerations if you can't get the Tritons to play nice with the room.
My own room and speakers location were not ideal at all.. Speakers at 6 inches from the walls and one speaker in a corner...And the dimension of my room are a square in height and width...

It takes me 2 years of listening experiments, to incrementally, step by step, modifying it to my likings... It has taken onle passive cheap materials, absorbant and reflective one, some diffusor ....

I also use active resonators , homemade variation around Helmotz bottle, mainly... And some modified cheap frequencies generators....

At the end the sound is so good, anyone notice it....

Be patient, open your ears, and take the task one day at a time... Be glad each time after some experiment if the S.Q. improve a little... After hundreds of improvements i was in heaven.... No cost, homemade experiments...The fun part was i try ANYTHING that i was able to imagine to treat the sound...Mechanical simple resonance controls first, after that the electrical grid, and the acoustic part....

I own no electronic device to correct the room tough, only my ears fun listening experiments help me....It takes more time yes but it was fun to be glad after EACH experiment when the results were good... With that also i learn how to listen not only the music but to the sound....

A Bass Trap should do to compensate for room size.
Then just Mid and High range diffusion.
I know this may be obvious, but, what does the speaker manufacturer recommend in their set up instructions?

That is the first place I would look.