Speaker Placement

I have a dilemma: recently we finished a remodel of our family room. I would now like to purchase a 2 channel system. The trouble is, the furniture in the room takes up virtually all the space. The only place that i see that I could place speakers is on top of an entertainment credenza on either side of an LCD. The amount of space there is 6-7 inches on each side. I was hoping to fit some totem model ones there, but I wonder: is it a waste of $ to put these fine speakers so close together and on top of the same piece of furniture? In other words, is this kind of p[placement so degrading to the sound that I might as well just go for cheap speakers and a cheap receiver?
saw your interesting post. i'd forgo something expensive. how bout the paradigm smaller speakers, recently reviewed by wes phillips again in stereophile? i think they're up to $249 or something like that. might just be what you need. you might be pleasantly surprised. take care and good luck. all i know is if you can't give a great speaker what it needs to shine, you're wasting your money.
I don't think the Totem Model One would be overkill for this setup - it would still sound so much better than what you find at Best Buy...

Since there are so small - why not mount them on adjustable wall brackets?
Do you sit down and listen seriously at times? If so, consider sticking with the Totems, but moving them out into the room traffic pattern when you do serious listening, then move them back. I so something similar with my Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grands. When I'm listening casually it doesn't matter that they're too close together; however, I move into serious listening mode by moving them out, toeing them in and raking them back.

If you never sit down to listen seriously, then go with something more ordinary. The powered AudioEngine speakers are nice in small places.

A different approach -

Consider the Vandersteen VSM wall mount speakers (now two versions). While they were designed for surround sound applications, I've heard of their use as main speakers when space is an issue. This will allow better separation while not interfering with your room furnishing. Adding at least one Vandersteen subwoofer (they are not too big) should provide full range sound.