speaker phase

my new[used] cj10a pr amp is phase inverting.do i have to switch the terminals on both speakers? can i do it at amp end or does it have to be at the speaker end? thanks.would appreciate any and all help.
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route9 (which state, county?): if you have only one (relative) reverting component between your source and speakers, you can reverse the +/- connections on either the amp or speaker end. if your pre and/or source also revert absolute phase, then you have a more complex question. please let us know. -cfb
Route9, yes you need to switch both speakers (or amp)positive and negative leads. I also have CJ preamps and have been doing this.

I wonder who makes source components that have inverted phase?
Off hand, I don't know of any source components with inverted phase, although I suppose it is possible that some tube DACs or CD players do invert. If such is the case it should be plainly stated in the manual. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer. Also, many DACs and some preamps have an inverting switch where one push of the button is all that's required (rather than changing speaker leads) which is a useful feature.

I might add that in the case of an inverting source component connected to an inverting preamp, the two negatives do make a positive, i.e., once the signal leaves the preamp it will no longer be inverted.
CJ does this because they would have to add another stage to the preamp to make it phase correct. Adding things to the signal path usually only makes things worse. Some Blue Circle preamps are this way also. My phono stage is out of phase for the moving coil connection for the same reason (less is more). The moving magnet stage is in phase. This is corrected by reversing the wires going to the cartridge.
i live in pelham,ny. if that helps.also i have a carver 500 T amp that the cj pre is fronting.i don't know if the amp is inverting or not.if it is ,i probably don't have to do anything.does anyone know if this amp inverts? thanks. and thanks for the many replies.i love all this info.
The Aesthetix Io phono stage is true balanced. Offers the traditional balanced out jacks, plus the options of phase normal and phase reverse via dual pairs of single ended RCA jacks.
YBA CD player are inversing the phase.