Speaker pairings with Pass INT-30A

Fellow Audiogoner's I'm looking for a pair of monitors to go with the INT-30A. Not going to restrict the conversation to a price point as I'm curious about all possibilities. The only condition is they have to be monitors!'

Have a look at the Revel M22's. Highly underrated, and exceptional deals available for used ones. I am not going to sell ours for a long time...
They want a capable amp, so yours should be a good match if your room isn't too large.
You'll want pretty efficient speakers, which may significantly limit monitor choices, esp. if you are partial to big lows. I listen pretty quietly, and have 92db/4ohm speakers driven by the INT-30A; while it is a lovely, smooth, amp, I'd not say it has power to spare, and I'd not want speakers much less efficient than mine.

Silverline, Quad, Reference 3A DeCapos
Thanks for the responses.
I'll definately look at the Revels, they are on a short list.

John, what speakers do you have?
I have heard the Shelby + Kroll Nano Monitors on the Pass 30A and they sounded great!


Good Luck :-)
Anybody heard the 30A with the Paradigm S2's?

Just to clarify, my room is 13x20 with 9 ft ceilings if that helps any.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Joseph Audio Pulsars for one I would sure like to hear what those Wilson Monitors sound like. I can never get any dealer to play them, but they got a really good review but cost a ton.
If you like a really high definition sound you might go for Von Schweickert VR1s I think they are only available used. I had Merlin TSMs, a very early model, which didn't quite cut it in the upper frequencies for me, kinda nasal but I am sure they have improved them since. I am currently using Hyperion 585 monitors which are good for the money.
There is a world of possibilities and without guidance to help us think of the right speaker the answer are going to be quite random.
My speakers are PBN Montana EPS2s, Mariasplunge. A very musical pairing, IMHO. Definitely not monitors, though. But why are monitors a requirement? The EPS2s are big (as are many comparatively efficient speakers), but they play pretty close to boundaries, a variable that has as much to do with practicality in living space as size, IMO.

My room is almost exactly the size of yours, by the way, in an "open floor plan." My critical listening is mostly south of 80db.

One intriguing possibility would be speakers with powered bass unit (eg Zu Def 4); the limitation of the 30A is mainly in the lows, if one doesn't listen too loudly.

I think you'll get more helpful advice if you narrow your price range.

One intriguing possibility would be speakers with powered bass unit (eg Zu Def 4); the limitation of the 30A is mainly in the lows, if one doesn't listen too loudly.
Exactly. In fact, going beyond a "possibility" it would be a necessity in order to obtain more or less full range reproduction.
In this respect, the Zu mentioned above are ideal on paper -- hi sensitivity, independantly powered bass, etc.
The Revels mentioned are also very good speakers btw -- but far less easy to drive. They too would need to be paired with subwoofs (Revel make their own).
PMC "TB2i"or "DB1i".EASY to drive,excellent Bass from small/med. size cabs & reputation for fantastic sound reproduction.What's not to like?
Not monitors, but I had the XA 30.5 paired with Zu's and that was a great combination.
SOme more great suggestions. Thanks all. The Zu definitions look intriguing but out of my price range I believe.
Maybe the MK III's on the used market MIGHT COME CLOSE.

I'm looking at about $2000-3000 budget wise.

Monitors mainly because they have to have a high wife pleasing factor right now and that means relatively small!

I once owned the Merlin's vsm-mme with BAM. Really liked that speaker. Wonder if the 30A could cut the mustard with the TSM though?

Revels sounds like a possibility but I hear you on needing a sub.

Rest of my system as it is now consists of the 30A Clearaudio Concept table and MC cart, K&K phono pre, acoustic revive cabling. Just need the speakers to make it all sing.

No opinions on the Paradigm S2's?

I mainly listen to rock/pop, a fair bit of jazz, not really classical. My goal is an accurate system that sounds musical but also fairly neutral. I appreciate speakers that can perform well on female vocals for example but also have the drive and snap to carry electric guitar.

Thanks for the continued help!
Good to see you back into the hobby! My friend has Zu Superfly and im amazed with the sound. Fast and great bass.