Speaker pairing with AVA Set 120 Control amp

 Does anyone else have the new Van Alstine Set 120 control amp? If so, what speakers do you have paired with the AVA ? I'm asking for suggestions on dark sounding speakers. I have tried it with all my speakers, Klipsch Forte 3, Ascend Acoustic Sierra towers with raal ribbon tweeters, Monitor Audio Bronze 2, and my ancient Klipsch kg 1.5 's . The kg 1.5's sound the best of any of my speakers paired with the Set 120. The rest present a harsh or glaring sound in the high frequencies with the Set 120 but all sound great when paired with the other amps I have selected for each set of speakers. 
 The kg 1.5's are the darkest sounding of the lot regardless of the amp powering them. I would like to keep the Set 120 but pairing it with a set of $10 garage sale find speakers doesn't sound like a worthy investment when the Spark 2 does just fine. 
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Hmmm... I own a AVA SET 120 which is the amplifier part of the Control Amp.  The preamp part is mostly passive IIRC, so I doubt that is adding much coloration. Your note suggests that the amp is bright, which I don't find at all.  Looking at your speakers, they are known to be a bit bright and detailed - I suspect the AVA SET which has good extension and is pretty neutral (Frank says ruler flat - I would say just a hint of warmth in the mids and a little sweetness on top) may be just revealing more than your previous amp.

You don't give a budget, but I currently use Dynaudio Excites 34s with the AVA.  I expect any of the Dyn's would work well.  Elac probably would also be a good match given your predilections.  
frank uses salks, among others, i believe

i think frank’s gear is clean and clear, extended on both extremes, not lean not bloated, not too forward but certainly not laid back

should go well with many speakers... pick ones with sound character suiting your tastes and the amp should make the speaker deliver its basic character without imposing its own sound much if at all
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