Speaker pairing with AVA Set 120 Control amp

 Does anyone else have the new Van Alstine Set 120 control amp? If so, what speakers do you have paired with the AVA ? I'm asking for suggestions on dark sounding speakers. I have tried it with all my speakers, Klipsch Forte 3, Ascend Acoustic Sierra towers with raal ribbon tweeters, Monitor Audio Bronze 2, and my ancient Klipsch kg 1.5 's . The kg 1.5's sound the best of any of my speakers paired with the Set 120. The rest present a harsh or glaring sound in the high frequencies with the Set 120 but all sound great when paired with the other amps I have selected for each set of speakers. 
 The kg 1.5's are the darkest sounding of the lot regardless of the amp powering them. I would like to keep the Set 120 but pairing it with a set of $10 garage sale find speakers doesn't sound like a worthy investment when the Spark 2 does just fine. 
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The Set control amp 120 produces a fine detailed sound and all the other things the reviews have stated. I returned it because it's not the right amp for me or perhaps it didn't pair well with any of my 4 pairs of speakers. Klipsch Forte 3, Kg 1.5, Monitor Audio Bronze 2, and Ascend Acoustic's Sierra towers with raal ribbon tweeters.
 Frank and the rest of the folks at AVA were kind and gracious and made the return easy.