Speaker Pairing to Tube amp (Please help)

I am looking for guidance and thank you in advance for your time. I have been to three different hifi stores here in Austin texas and two of them have never heard of the brand Rega which has surprised me but it has started to make me wonder if I am even looking at the right brands.
Here is my current setup:
Rega RP6 Turntable
Dynavector 10x5 cartridge (MM)
A pair of Guru junior speakers
Line Magnetic 211ia EL34 integrated Tube Amp
Rega power supply PS1
BlackCube Statement 1967 Phono pre-amp

I believe the weak link in my system are my speakers because my new space is double the size of my old living-room (am I correct in saying that’s my weak link?). I am starting to look for floor stand speakers. Any advise on what to buy? My budget is around $3,000.
One store recommended the new Rega RX5 or the Momentum 5i and another store is recommending some used Cornwall Klipch.
What upgrades would you prioritize if this was your system? If you answer is speakers, which would pair nicely?

What could possibly go wrong with 25 wpc tube power with the Rega speakers?  They are efficient enough and will throw harder than your current speakers.
You might check out Audiokinesis- Duke's speakers are very easy to drive as his efficiency ratings are often higher than 95db 1 watt/1 meter and they are also benign loads for tube amps.

He is now in the greater Dallas region. I'm pretty sure he has a model in your price range.
Two of the three stores having never heard of Rega needn't make you wonder if you are even looking at the right brands, but rather at the right stores!
Would you select the Rega speakers over the Neat speakers?
They are double the money. Are they that much better? 
I don't mind paying for quality but I want to be able to justify the price difference.
Dali or Sonus Faber will put you right!