Speaker Pairing Question

I picked up a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7s V.6 this week dispite being admonished not to do so by several people that seemingly know what they are talking about. Anyway, I was wondering what would be a good integrated amp pairing with the Paradigms and a Technics 1210. Cable suggestions would be greatly appreciated aswell-Cheers
why ask here? the speaker has no idea there is a turntable upline.
Perhaps Jmoog08 is interested in an integrated with an onboard phono stage??? ...and, Dan_ed, where would you have him ask the question?

If that is the case, it would be helpful to know what cart is planned to go with the Technics.
Thanks Soulbrass, I should have been a little clearer with my post. I have the Denon dl-110 for a catridge. My system is fairly modest, so I really don't want to spend more than 600 to 800 hundred dollars(new or used) for the amp with an onboard phono stage.
Jmoog08- check out integrateds from Cambridge, NAD, Jolida hybrids, and there are many good sounding integrateds around. Only the Jolida will not have a phono stage built in. The Paradigms may require you to wish you had bass and treble controls. I remember them when they were new that they had a very soft presentation. I found that to be boring personally. After you have lived with them for a while listen to some music on one of your friends systems. Make sure you take some recordings that you are familiar with when you go to listen. Better yet, you may want to just take the Paridigms over to a friends house and listen to them before you buy an integrated so that you have an idea of where you want to go.

My first choice will be something like a NAD 3020 if you can find one. There are other NAD models in the budget range and higher in $$$'s too. Take note that the NAD 3020 is only about 20 or 30 watts per channel. All of the NAD gear I have heard have been respectable. My very very first choice would be a Naim Nait. The Nait starts at 15 watts per/channel for the early models and as they get newer the power goes up. The Naim Nait is one of the sweetest integrated I have ever heard regardless of price. Every wonder why you don't see many of them? Plus, those little integrateds will have nice and tight bass and a good balance. Of course there are others that should be taken seriously like a PS Audio Elite or Elite Plus Integrated and there are more. From the 80's but it has one of the most wonderful phono stages around. Good luck on your search. Here is my 2 cents worth!
I picked up a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7s V.6 this week dispite being admonished not to do so by several people that seemingly know what they are talking about.

Are you going to ignore the advice given here as well?
Just by chance I heard those speakers today attached to an Ayre AX-7e integrated. They were excellent together and should be at the top of your list.
Lots of choices in the $600 - $800 range. Ponnie has some good advice...especially the Naim NAIT recommendation - magic! The DL110 is a gem on the SL1210.

Musical Fidelity, Rega, Linn, Creek are all strong choices, too! Depending on your sense of adventure, you might want to consider a vintage receiver from the late 70's/early 80's - Marantz, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sansui, Yamaha, etc.

Don't go crazy on cables - yet. Start w/ good, basic copper, then experiment as funds allow.

...just remember - if it sounds good to you, it IS good!

Lots of good reading at The Audio Asylum ;)

Good luck!