Speaker Pairing for a Fisher 800C - A True "Bedroom" System

So as per my other post I recently found a lovely Fisher 800-C. With another system I tried to create the cleanest, least colored, "just the music, not the gear" system I could. With the Fisher at the helm I want to create the softest, warmest, roundest system I can for my bedroom. So what speakers would pair well? Averageish sized room (12X14). Two windows. Area rug on hardwoods. Bonus for bookshelf speakers I can rest on top of the dresser but I also have room on the floor besides it. I wouldn't however have 2-3" to pull them away from the wall. Double bonus for period appropriate. Tripple bonus for < $700. 
I listen to everything but think baby-makin' music ;) 
Love all these suggestions. Thanks y’all. 
Electro-Voice Marquis or Esquire would match well. Over budget, Altec Corona 832 or JBL Apollo with C7 might be fun as well, but no triple bonus.
Just kidding, they need to be away from wall
Heresy or if you prefer cones a nice pair of L-100
or even L-50
Forte !!!!
go for twins
A pair of Klipsch Heresy 1s or 2s would sound wonderful with the Fisher, and works great when closer to the rear wall. Available at or under your price range. Enjoy ! MrD.
Not sure where you live but there are great vintage audio stores out there that should be able to help you find a match. For example: