Speaker Pairing for a Fisher 800C - A True "Bedroom" System

So as per my other post I recently found a lovely Fisher 800-C. With another system I tried to create the cleanest, least colored, "just the music, not the gear" system I could. With the Fisher at the helm I want to create the softest, warmest, roundest system I can for my bedroom. So what speakers would pair well? Averageish sized room (12X14). Two windows. Area rug on hardwoods. Bonus for bookshelf speakers I can rest on top of the dresser but I also have room on the floor besides it. I wouldn't however have 2-3" to pull them away from the wall. Double bonus for period appropriate. Tripple bonus for < $700. 
I listen to everything but think baby-makin' music ;) 

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Not sure where you live but there are great vintage audio stores out there that should be able to help you find a match. For example: