Speaker out of service

A couple of years ago I had the Dali Euphonia MS 4s in my main system and they were driven by a modded PS Audio HCA2 amp. One time I turned it on and I heard a big loud pop. One of the speakers quit working. I don't like this amp, but that is another story. I didn't bother checking out getting the speaker fixed and instead used this as an excuse to buy new speakers. The MS 4s have been in storage since but now I want to break them out and find out what happened. Do speakers have fuses and it could have been a blown fuse? Or is it more likely I blew the woofer out?
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If the pop came from inside the speaker cabinet: you may well have blown up a crossover capacitor. I've replaced a lot of popped electrolytics over the years. Have all the drivers stopped working, or just the woofer, mid or tweet? If the speaker has a fuse, it's most likely mounted on the terminal strip. If you're careful, you can probably remove the woofer and inspect for disconnected wires, or damage to the crossover. It's possible that all the drivers blew simultaneously, but unlikely. If you see no damage on the crossover, test the drivers with an ohmeter or a AA battery(just make a brief connection).