Speaker options for SF Power-2?

I've been looking for some full range (or near full range) speakers to be driven with a Power-2. Obviously, no dealer has one around to demo speakers with. To all Power-2 owners, my question becomes this:

In a strictly 2 channel system, what speakers have you tried, and how were the results?

I used a Power 2 with Martin Logan SL-3's and prodigy's, to great effect. I also powered a small pair of Apogee ribbon monitors. All of the speakers present a difficult load for an amp and the power 2 did very well, a very nice amp in my opinion.
Whatmough 303 Signature. They are designed with tubes in mind (91db). Colin Whatmough designs them that way. They are a very open and airy loudspeaker with incredible dynamics. See my store Audio Vault for more details and specs. Have a good Hunt!

Mine drives Thiel 1.6's and a Rel Sub. It's the best system I've had. Better than the Aerial 10T's that I replaced. Highly recommended. Good luck and let us know what you finally do.
I have used following with my power2:

ProAc 2.5
Silverline Audio Sonatina(original version)
Kef 104/2
Soliloquy 6.3
Merlin VSM-M

Currently use VSM-M and can't be any happier. I also have set of 300B SET amps and 2A3 SET amps and my choice of speakers were somewhat limited due to the fact that I want to be able to use any amplifiers with the speakers.

Anyway, VSM-M's are very fast/transparent. Also imaging/depth is the best I have heard in my system or any of my friend's system. I will not be changing my speakers for a while(that's for a change:)).